General terms and conditions

These general terms and conditions belong to Yeastar Europe (Yeastar Europe is a trade name of Yeastar BV), located in Gouda, registered in the commercial register of the Hague under number 61271446.

1. Validity of these terms and conditions
1.1. These terms and conditions apply to all contracts and deliveries of Yeastar Europe (here after referred to as Yeastar).
1.2. If a client has other conditions, these are not binding for Yeastar, unless this is expressly agreed on, in writing between the
1.3. Once a client has bought under the terms of Yeastar, next orders will be tacitly deemed to be made under these same terms.

2. Prices and offers
2.1. All citations and offers are non-binding.
2.2. Yeastar has the right to refuse an order without giving any reason.
2.3. Price quotes are based on current prices, valid at that moment in time. In the event of price changes afterwards (e.g. increase
       of the dollar exchange rate) Yeastar has the right to charge the price difference to the client.
2.4. The specified prices are exclusive of VAT (BTW).
2.5. Discounts are granted per transaction. They don't give any entitlement on discounts for future transactions.
2.6. Specified delivery times are not final. They are approximate, unless expressly agreed otherwise.
2.7. Transportation fees or shipping costs of the goods will be charged to the client.

3. Contract Modification
3.1. For cancellation of a contract the consent of Yeastar is required. In case of the cancellation of an order all costs incurred
       under this contract made by Yeastar, will be charged on behalf of the client. In all cases, the client must at least pay 20%
       of the principal fee as a cancellation fee to Yeastar, without which Yeastar having to show that these costs are actually made.
3.2. If by force majeure or other circumstances beyond its control Yeastar is prevented from the delivery, Yeastar has the right to
       choose to suspend delivery until the force majeure or that circumstances have ceased to exist, or to dissolve the agreement
       in whole or in part. This is done by a letter or e-mail to the client. In this case Yeastar is not required to pay any

4. Retention of title
4.1. The property of delivered goods only will transfer from Yeastar to the client, after the buyer has paid the purchase price, and
       all other costs (including interest and penalties) owed under this agreement.
4.2. If the client fails to fulfil any obligation under the contract, Yeastar is entitled to take back the goods without notice. The
       buyer authorizes Yeastar to access the location where the goods are located.
4.3. The client is obliged to notify Yeastar if goods upon which the retention of title by Yeastar is placed are confiscated or will
       be confiscated.
4.4. It is not permitted to pledge goods in whole or in part to third parties or to transfer the ownership thereof outside the
       normal course of the company, until full payment has been made.

5. Complaints
5.1. Any complaint must be done immediately and in writing, however at the latest within 3 days after the reception of the
       goods. This is to allow Yeastar the to investigate the accuracy and the nature of the complaint. If a client submits
       a complaint not within 3 days, it is assumed by default that the client approves the delivery.
5.2. Delivered goods are only taken back, if the complaint is done in time and, after permission of Yeastar, the goods are
       delivered without cost to the warehouse of Yeastar.
5.3. The value of the returned goods is settled with the client, after deduction of costs incurred by Yeastar.

6. Warranty
6.1. Goods delivered by Yeastar are subject to a warranty period of 36 months from the time of delivery, unless otherwise agreed.
6.2. Yeastar provides a warranty on material and manufacturing defects of the goods delivered. This warranty is exclusively in
       that Yeastar will repair these errors or replace the goods to the best of its ability. Goods or parts that are replaced become
       the property of Yeastar.
6.3. The warranty does not apply in whole or in part if the errors are the result of incorrect, careless or incompetent use for other
       than normal purposes or as the result of external causes.

7. Liability
7.1. If Yeastar is held liable for damages as a result of a defective delivery, she is only liable for the loss or (verifiable) damage
       which is the direct and immediate result of the implementation of the agreement by Yeastar. The damage is limited to the
       amount of the purchase price of the relevant order.
7.2. Following article 7.1, Yeastar excludes liability for consequential or (business) losses.
7.3. Yeastar is not liable for damage that is caused to the goods or by the goods if the damage is the result of an incorrect and/or
       defective cooling, storage, display (etc.) of these goods.

8 Terms of payment
8.1. Payment of ordered goods must be made, prior to delivery. The payment must be made by deposit or transfer to the bank
       account specified by Yeastar, unless otherwise specified on the invoice.
8.2. In case the payment is not done before the end of the term, the buyer shall be in default by operation of law without any
       notice of default being required, and the customer shall be required to pay an interest rate of 2% per month on the amount
       due, for the duration of the absence.
8.3. All judicial and extrajudicial costs which Yeastar should make, all will be borne by the defaulting client. The extrajudicial
       costs amount to 15% of the outstanding amount, including any interest due, with a minimum of € 150.00.
8.4. The client is not allowed to deduct any outstanding payment obligations, by way of compensation, then is agreed in this

9. Applicable law & Disputes
9.1. Dutch law is applicable to all agreements and transactions.
9.2. With regard to the provisions of article 100 of the code of civil procedure (artikel 100 Wetboek van Burgerlijke
       Rechtsvordering), all disputes arising from or in connection with an agreement concluded between the client and Yeastar
       will be judged exclusively by the competent court in the Hague, on the understanding that for each dispute Yeastar
       retains the right to apply to the courts with jurisdiction over the place of residence of the customer.
9.3. If there is a difference in interpretation between the English and Dutch versions, the Dutch version has to be used.

The general terms and conditions can be downloaded as PDF file: Yeastar_TermsofUse_ENV2.pdf